AAC: Augmentative & Alternative Communication

We believe strongly that communication is a basic human right. A number of the children we serve have Complex Communication Needs, CCN, meaning their speech does not adequately meet their communication requirements. With support of a volunteer consultant from the government children’s Institute we offer Augmentative and Alternative Communication, AAC, intervention. AAC includes simple systems such as pictures, gestures and pointing, as well as more complex techniques involving powerful computer technology (Communication Matters). Each week we hold an Adaptive Story-Telling group for approximately 10-12 children. These children are not currently enrolled in school due to the nature of their disabilities. The children attend the group with their caregivers. Many children have multiple disabilities including mobility and sensory impairments. The multidisciplinary team (Dulabhatorn’s Occupational therapist, Special Educators, and our AAC Consultant) implement strategies to allow every child to participate to the maximum extent possible. The team also serves as models for the caregivers while sharing techniques that can be used in the home.