The Dulabhatorn Foundation - มูลนิธิ ดุลภาทร - is a non-religious, non-political, non profit charity situated in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. Its focus is to provide support and resources for marginalized children and young people and their communities. With an emphasis on education, we support the development and financing of various projects. We welcome your involvement and help in making significant improvements to the lives of these children. The financial support given by those who donate as well as the time and effort given by our volunteers enable us to continue this work.

We are Saddened to report the passing of Brian Doberystyn, founder and major supporter of the Dulabhatorn Foundation. His contributions to the foundation and the poor, disadvantaged, disabled children and families will be missed. His legacy and work will continue under the direction of His sister, assisted by his incredible and capable staff.

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