“Special-Needs Children: Putting Principles into Practice” project also supported by Boeing Co. is focused on making a positive difference in the perception of special-needs children and adults in Thai society. Special needs people are often defined by their diagnoses, observed limitations, or test scores rather than their individual strengths and abilities. It is necessary to change these views if we are to see success. In previous Boeing projects, we have developed training manuals so that others might follow our lead and learn from our successes and failures. However, we recognize the importance for people to actually "see" the progress and changes in our students. A major component of this project involves pre-vocational and life skills training to prepare individuals for future independent living. We intend to create the alternative of learning (a fully functioning module) where our clients, work, learn, and socialize

          Agriculture and Coffee Shop

“Pre-vocational Skills Practice for Children with Special Needs”  to support  pre-vocational skills practice and readiness for independent living as outlined in PPP we utilize the on-site Coffee Shop, DBF Café,  and farm. The job tasks include customer service, beverage preparation, baking, money handling, and a multitude of agricultural responsibilities. In addition to the vocational skills gained from working in the Café and farm the children gain social and functional life skills.