Mission & Objectives

A few years ago, DBF changed its focus from general educational support for poor children to education and training of children with intellectual, developmental or physical disabilities that made it difficult for them to benefit fully from the standard Thai educational system. Children with special needs require an individualized approach adapted to their skills and limitations if they are to make use of available opportunities, helping them to become happier, more independent, self-confident and able to participate in and contribute to their communities. At the Foundation, we aim to identify and evaluate alternative approaches to help these children perform to their highest potential.

We provide support and resources for children, their parents, caregivers and their communities to ensure an environment conducive to individual growth and long-term community capacity strengthening.

We are working toward a future in which:

•All children, especially those with special needs, will have access to high-quality education and/or training, beginning with the pre-school experience.  Special-needs children will be empowered –- they will understand their rights, develop their potential and become full participants in society to the greatest extent possible.

Awareness in the community and at local, provincial and national government levels of the potential contributions of disabled individuals will increase. They will be seen as members of society able to learn, work and become full participants in the community and in society generally.

We aim to innovate, evaluate, document and disseminate our integrated approach and supporting activities to increase intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth of special-needs children leading towards greater independence, self-confidence, contentment and happiness in their lives.