What does the Dulabhatorn Foundation do? 

We work in partnership with others to help poor special-needs children and young people learn – especially those facing difficulties because of who they are or where they live. In all our projects we have a major commitment to maximize the potential to learn for children with developmental, intellectual or behavioural difficulties, to facilitate their fullest possible participation in society. We work with pre-schools for poor or handicapped children to introduce methods proven to be especially effective with such children – Montessori techniques, for example. Importantly, we stress collaboration among the family, community and external resources, and promote sharing and networking among the children themselves.

What does “Dulabhatorn” mean?
“Dulabhatorn” (pronounced "dtoo-la-pa-torn) is derived from three Sanskrit words meaning, “justice,” “celestial light,” and “caring.” The name was given to us by HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, daughter of HM the King of Thailand.

Does the Foundation only help people in Northern Thailand?
For the moment, yes. We are located in Chiang Mai, the capital of the northern region. 

Do children live on the Foundation premises? 

No. At the moment, we have no boarding students. Children return to their families or caregivers when the activities finish for the day. We do work with youngsters in residential facilities, however, such as the Nong Pheung Northern Center for the Welfare of the Mentally Retarded, as well as Baan Phonsawan Foundation and Baan Marina, for example.

 How are potential beneficiaries chosen?
Our voluntary Executive Management Committee, local government agencies, schools, hospital/health centers, staff and others identify needy children and young people. Starting locally, we actively seek out severely disadvantaged children and visit them. Farther afield, contacts with schools, teachers and other support organizations lead us to children and families in need.

What percentage of the donation goes to help people? 
We can honestly say that every cent of a private contribution goes to help children and young adults who have been identified as needy and likely to benefit. Because administrative and infrastructure costs are currently met (100%) by a private sponsor, there is no “overhead,” at least for the time being. We guarantee that funds given to schools and other implementing agencies are not used for overhead, vehicles, staff salary supplements, or unnecessary travel.

How do I know that my money goes to a good cause?
We are committed to a careful selection process, involving members of our voluntary committee. We carefully scrutinize budgets proposed for projects, undertake monitoring and provide ongoing advice and support with input from our Technical Advisory Panel of experts. The committee members also assist with periodic reporting on both activities and expenditures. We fund activities for one year at a time; if insoluble problems occur, funding will not be renewed. All projects are periodically reviewed by our auditors and by the Board of Directors. 

What is an appropriate financial donation?
Any amount will be gratefully received. Our current projects receive an average of 50,000 baht each per year (about US$ 1500), but this is expected to increase as we receive further donor support. Even a $25 donation would be a great help towards funding one of these projects. We have also identified children living in severe poverty who need more support. See the "Promise a Child" section of this website.

How can I donate? 
1. Make a bank transfer (the account number and other information are on the website here). 
2. Mail us a personal check in any currency, or send us a money order. Foreign checks are subject to sizable fees leveed by Thai banks, however, and they can take several months to clear.
3. See the “How You Can Help” tab on this website for further information on the use of credit cards, PayPal, etc.

Is my contribution tax-deductible? 
In the US, the answer is yes. We are working in partnership with the Philanthropic Ventures Foundation/Generosity in Action, a 501(c)(3) public charity located in Oakland, California. Please visit their website at www.venturesfoundation.org. To use this mechanism to donate to Dulabhatorn, you may go directly to www.generosityinaction.org then click on "The Dulabhatorn Foundation," and follow the instructions. 
Please note that 3% will be deducted from your internet donation to cover their costs, 6% if you use a credit card. 

In Thailand, it is not yet possible to get a tax credit for a donation. More details here

In the UK, a tax-deductible contribution can also be made through a partner foundation, Khom Loy. More information here

Besides donating money, how else can I help? 
If you live in or near Chiang Mai, you can join our group of volunteers, or you can inform us of situations where help is needed. If you are not in Thailand, you can assist by making the Foundation known to others, by distributing our brochures (we will be happy to send them to you), by telling others about us and our website, or by bringing Dulabhatorn to the attention of clubs, lodges, and other groups interested in helping poor special-needs children learn. You can add our banner to your own website or blog or simply add our contact information to the “signature” line on your emails. Please contact us to make arrangements. More details here

Like our Facebook page and ask your friends to do the same. 

Can I choose whom I would like to sponsor? 
If you would like to sponsor a child or young person and you’re committed to following through for a reasonable period, we can identify suitable candidates. We can assure you of periodic progress reports, with photographs and a professional assessment of how things are going. If you would like to do this, we will be happy to send you photos and brief histories of candidates. We would then encourage you to correspond with them, or their parents, through us (we will help with translations). See the "Promise-a-Child page of this website.

Can I visit the Dulabhatorn Foundation? 
Of course! We would be delighted to welcome you. If you live in northern Thailand, or if you are traveling in the area, please come for a briefing and a cup of coffee. A map is available on the website. Office hours are normally 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, but a visit can be arranged at any time. Find our location here