Baan Pang Ma-O, Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai (the site of our Montessori pre-school)

This project began under a grant from Boeing Company established to better conditions for people living in this remote village. Projects for financial sustainability such as vegetable farming, promotion of animal husbandry, fish farming, creating traditional textiles, and production of laundry detergent and dishwashing liquid were introduced. Additional support in the areas of health care, safe water supply, and empowering female members of the community was also provided. The highlight of the Baan Pang Ma-O project is the Montessori pre-school. It is reported by parents and professionals that children who have been educated at the Montessori school enter primary school at a higher level of readiness than their classmates. While direct Boeing support to this 3-year project is now complete, the villages continue to promote women's groups, inter-village consultation, improved health screening of children, safe water supply and modern agricultural techniques. DBF also continues its strong commitment to supporting the Montessori pre-school. Current enrollment at the school is 15 children with 2 teachers.