Sponsor a Child

Participation in our Promise-a-Child programme implies a commitment of three years of assured monthly subsidy of 1000 baht or US$ 30 per month could turn these children's lives around.

We will be happy to provide the child’s history, a photo or two, reports on their progress, and encourage correspondence between the child and yourself, through us, in keeping with our stringent child rights and child protection policies. You may be assured of close supervision by our team of dedicated volunteers and local government partners, and we promise that all donated money will reach the child you sponsor.

On our Promise-a-Child project page you can find more information about this program and you can read about some of the children currently being helped or in need of sustained support.


1.Ti-tan is a three-year-old boy, dependent for his survival on a respirator and feeding tube for nutrition. He is visually impaired and cannot talk properly. His mother remains awake almost every night as he sleeps only during the daytime. This prevents her from earning any sort of income. His father contributes to his upkeep but the amount he is able to provide is insufficient. We have found a sponsor for him who donates 1000 baht every month. Ti-tan’s mother buys medicines, diapers and supplementary food with the money from this sponsor. 

2. Pakboong is a 5-year-old girl studying in second grade. She is cheerful, happy and enthusiastic about learning new things and she makes new friends easily. Pakboong lives with her grandmother who buys school supplies with the money from the sponsor for school expenses. Her sponsorship will end soon and there is concern for her future sponsorship.

3. Mark is a 13-year-old boy, studying in 7th grade. He completed middle school locally, in Sansai Luang. He used to live with his grandmother who is not in sound health. Now he lives with his step-father and his mother, who works at a massage shop in Chiang Mai city. His teacher noticed that he is very interested in learning and would ask good questions. Mark has been receiving 1000 Baht/month from his sponsor since 2013 and the current 3-year commitment will end in December 2015.

4. Pi-Pi is 13-year old boy, studying in 7th grade at Sansai Luang School. He stays with his mom who sells coconuts and works part time to sell food at Sansai market to make a living and support Pi-Pi. He comes to the foundation to, among other activities, practice mixed martial arts and gets compliments from his trainer for his hard work, dedication and obedience. It has been almost three years now since we found his sponsor and the sponsorship will end in Dec 2015. 

5. Pan is a 18-year old girl, studying in a vocational school in Chiang Mai. She lives with her grandmother and aunt whom she calls mom. She is HIV positive and needs to visit Nakornping hospital every two months for follow-up and treatment. She exercises regularly at Sansai Luang Park to keep herself fit. Her favorite activity is dancing at the school. Her sponsorship term will end in December, 2015.

6. Nong Best is a 16-year old boy. He has Down’s syndrome and comes from a poor family background. He attends Kawila School. His family cannot bear the cost of school expenses and a P-a-C sponsor has supported him since December 2013 with the sum of 1000 Baht per month. His sponsorship term will end in December 2016 when we will need to find another sponsor. He uses the donated money mainly for transport to the hospital and school.

7. Nong Pee is a 8-year old boy, studies at Mae Kaed Noi primary school and joins the foundation. He used to live with his single father. Unfortunately, his father passed away in 2011. Then he has to stay with Ms. Buapad and Mr. Sutad whom he regards as his mother and father. His sponsorship began in 2011 and will come to an end in December 2015. We seek another sponsor for Pee who will be willing to commit to donate 1000 Baht per month for the period of 3 year.