We have been working with the Sansai Luang municipality social services department, staff of the local health center and physical/occupational therapists from Sansai District Hospital for six years to identify especially needy children. When their status has been verified, DBF seeks sponsors who are willing to commit an amount of THB 1000 (about US$ 27) monthly for a minimum of three years to the support of these children. If the donor wishes to discontinue payments at the end of the third year, the Foundation will continue support until a new donor is identified (assuming that the need is still there). DBF monitors the situation through home visits at least three times a year. A trustworthy local manager is identified if we suspect that funds may be misused, by alcohol or drug-abusing parents, for example, and funds are distributed through this manager. We encourage communication between child and sponsor, according to our child protection policies. We now have seventeen children benefitting from this programme.