Baan Phonsawan

Baan Phonsawan is a residential facility and pre-school for about 40 children coming from severely difficult situations: orphans, street children, those without official documentation, etc.  Some come from abusive homes and all are very poor. The home is managed and operated by Thai Catholic sisters, members of the Amantes de la Croix, based in Vietnam. Some older children attend local government schools whereas younger preschoolers are taught at the Baan Phonsawan residence itself. Our contribution includes:

 1. Salaries for a schoolteacher and caretaker at the home.

2. Medical expenses for the children to receive special treatment at Rajanakarindra Institute of Child Development 

3. Our occupational therapists conduct activities at least twice a week in order to develop confidence, improve social interaction, and develop fine and gross motor skills. 

4. DBF staff also spend an afternoon per week at the home to implement art and music programmes.